Lift Lamination & Tint

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Lift Lamination & Tint

Lash lift lamination and tint


1 hour 30 minutes

Lifting makes your natural lashes look longer. The system we are using is infused with a hight dose of keratin and vitamins that works deep into the root of the hair and results into a beautiful, longlasting lift and voluminous effect. with the addition of the tint, your lashes will look amazing.

Lash lift lamination




Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination with Tint


Brow Lamination tint & shape


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Katrice Mueller
Katrice Mueller
a week ago
I normally don't take time to write reviews but I just had to. Over the years, I had lashes added that were not done by professionals unbeknownst to me. The result lead to me having very sparse lashes. This affected my self-confidence in a huge way. Recently, I found Terri at Wink Lashes. I told her my story and quite honestly I was terrified to ever try lashes again. Words can't express how shocked that I was after she finished, I looked amazing. More importantly, she handled me with such great care. Take it from me, you will love your experience. Thanks so much, Terri! Katrice Mueller
keylin lopez
keylin lopez
2 months ago
First time ever getting anything done to my lashes & it was a great, seamless service! Sophia did my lashes and they turned out fabulous. I got a lash lift because I prefer a more natural look and I already have kinda long lashes. They look amazing and now I don’t have to spend 10 minutes putting on mascara just for my lashes to uncurl after an hour. I will be going back! 10/10 recommend the wink team for your lash needs!
tamara saltonstall
tamara saltonstall
2 weeks ago
Such a great calming experience with the bonus of walking out feeling beautiful. The lashes last for a long time between fills and the glue doesn't sting my eyes when I shower. They also have fabulous maintenance products/and makeup that works with extensions that I'm a fan of.
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